Having designed SG Enable’s Annual Report for the previous two years, we went in a more creative direction to update 2017’s edition. To achieve this modern look, several different approaches were applied.

Using SG Enable’s building as an inspiration, multiple clean strokes formed an abstract illustration of the building’s façade on the cover. Opening this booklet would then reveal the actual image of this impressive architecture. This concept reflected SG Enable’s 2017 – a significant year when many projects and initiatives became reality and many milestones achieved.

These strokes were then consistently utilised throughout the report in various elements such as headers and page numbers.

Besides the use of the lines, two vastly different fonts were also another method that gave this publication a distinctly magazine feel. With the aim of delivering content more succinctly, infographics was adopted as a different medium, creating a more interesting flow and easier read.

Printing this AR on environmentally sustainable paper with spot varnish on selective elements on the cover gave this a classy finishing touch.